Ramas heard I was a huge Erisioni fan. I loved their music long before I learned that they also flew through the air with swords.
In 2007, Ramas graciously arranged for us to attend a private Erisioni rehersal in Tbilisi, Georgia. We were invited to bring our cameras and shoot away. This event was not open to the public. It was a huge honor to be invited to attend this special performance. I am profoundly grateful to Ramas and his family.
We took many photos from the stage floor. On more than one occasion, I thought a sword might lop off one of my ears.
This composite is a sampling of some routines Erisioni performed. Since this was a rehersal, the performers were not dressed in their ornate Georgian folk costumes.
To view an Erisioni performance in full costume, treat yourself to some of their videos on YouTube and elsewhere.
Click the gold medallion to view one of my favorites. Enjoy the magic.
Erisioni is a Tbilisi ensemble that performs traditional Georgian folk music and dance with choreography that features astonishing acrobatics.
What is especially remarkable is that Erisioni performs their rigorous gymnastics wearing traditional folk costumes and swords (while singing)! The result is spectacular.
Erisioni has acheived international acclaim for their Legend of Tamar production under the management of Mr. Otar Bluashvili.
Mr. Bluashvili's son, Ramas is a documentary filmmaker & videographer working here in the United States.