Welcome to my 3D Gingerbread House. This was a labor of love (and the largest 3D model I had ever created). How have I used it? Let me count the ways...
This debuted as an animated Christmas card for my friends, coworkers, and clients. The sun goes down and the lights begin coming on all over the house projecting patterns of light on the snow. It ends with my holiday greeting overlay being displayed. The two images above represent the first and last frames.
Sending out animated Holiday Greetings became an annual event. I had a self-imposed restriction that whatever I created must fit on a diskette. (Remember those diskettes?) HEY! - it was the early 1990s.
Pictured above are the characters, toys, and props that were featured in my various Christmas animtions of the early 1990s. I assembed them here to create a rendered "group portrait".
One production note of interest is that the rug pictured here is actually a virtual version of a rug that I have in my living room. The (real) rug was custom made from a design created in Photoshop. One year later, I used the same Photoshop file as a texture map, combining it with a bump map of rug to create the virtual version that I inserted into this scene. Sadly, my REAL rug has not held up as magnificently as the 3D version shown here.
FOR SALE: Signed & Matted prints of this nocturnal landscape of gingerbread houses. Click on the image for more information and a better view.